Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I just found out today that I have to go to Houston Friday for work. I don't mind going to Houston I just wish it was another weekend.. Oh well I'll be home Friday by 6pm, quick trip
2. Chad and his buddies are going camping and 4 wheeling this weekend. Lets all hope Chad doesn't get injured in one way or another! :)
3. Caden isn't sleeping well at night. I'm SO tired I can barely hold my head up.
4. We got a new dog. His name is Maverick. A couple from work were going to take him to a shelter and I couldn't let that happen so I took him home. He is so cute!
5. I haven't been cooking much this week. Just don't feel like it. I cooked last night because Chad asked me to, which should go in the record book! He said he missed my cooking. Surprised me, I don't cook all that well
6. I spoke with a home builder this weekend and I found a GREAT floor plan. But I don't think we can afford it and who knows when we will actually sell the house.
7. I hope the weather is nice this weekend, the kids and I don't want to be couped up in the house all weekend long.
8. We need some plants and/or flowers planted outside. I have NO gardening skills, nor do I care to have them. I just wish our house had better curb appeal.
9. Last night Chad had a cupcake but told Caley she couldn't have one b/c she was with pappy all day and ate tons of sugar. A few QUIET minutes later he walked in the kitchen and found her with a half eaten cupcake. I couldn't believe she did that!
10. Caden now say Uh Oh! It is the cutest word in the world!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Caden is allergic to milk

Poor little guy. I talked with his doctor a few weeks ago and she said it was okay to start him on some whole milk. We did and he seemed to really like it, no problems switching over at all. Caley HATED milk so it was hard to switch her over. Well Caden's eczema has been flaring up REALLY bad and his little eyes water all the time. It took my mom and Chad both to tell me before I even THOUGHT of it, that he was allergic to the milk. I took him to the doctor and she agrees. So we are back on formula for two weeks and then we will try soy milk. She doesnt want him to have cheese or yogurt or anything dairy right now. I really hope he grow out of this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

House for Sale

Chad and I have been talking about putting the house for sale. We contacted a real estate agent, Dana Wilson and she came out Saturday. She was at the house for several hours showing us a couple things to fix/finish and a little bit of staging. As she was leaving she put a for sale sign in the yard. We don't have to sell and we wont take an offer we don't like. We definitely want to move before Caley starts school, that is a few years away but I want to go ahead to get established somewhere.. We will see how it goes. Wish us luck!,-N2838664,-N,-A,-N0 - no pics yet but they will be up soon

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Tuesday

1. I'm not taking pictures of the kids like I used too. I really have to start.

2. Superbowl Sunday was great! I wish I had won the pot though

3. I'm SO tired. I'd kill for 12-15 hours of sleep.

4. I bought a super cute new purse from Target and I LOVE it. the picture doesnt do it justice

5. I also bought a cute pair of shoes that arent really "me" but I really like that. I havent worn them yet but cant wait to. I cant find a picture of them so I'll just post one later

6. I have two birthday parties scheduled at the same time on Sunday :( Chad and Caley will go to the 3 y/o twins bday party and Caden and I will go to my BFF's 1 y/o bday party.. I hate to miss the twins party but I really want to be at my BFF's when her baby turns 1

7. We got a 55 gallon salt water fish tank. Right now it only has 5 'starter' fish in there, they wont be in there forever. Chad is doing ALL things fish tank, I do nothing. To much work and saltwater is to finiky for me.. Is finiky spelled right?

8. I SHOULD not post this but Caden has slept though the night for 2 nights!!! I'm still tired but wow its been nice!

9. I need to loose a few pounds. 5-10lbs I dont know b/c I havent weighed in a while but my clothes are getting tight and my belly is big. BLAH I did SO well there for a while and lost weight and looked and felt good, now - not so much

10. Anyone know how to get dog pee out of carpet? I've tried a couple things and I tried to use my moms carpet cleaner - NO luck.. stupid dog

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

I'm stealing this 10 on Tuesday from some other blogs I read :)

1. Caden and I are sick... BLAH But we are both on some drugs so we are on the mend.

2. My idiot neighbor who hit my truck is DENYING it so his insurance wont pay for my truck to be fixed.. Its a good thing our deductible is only $250.. Still really really sucks

3. My sister got a new car and its SO cute!! I love it. I'll post pics soon. Its a 2009 Scion TC, white with a sun roof and a spoiler.

4. Chad is trying to sell his 4wheeler, he may come home from work without it. He wants to buy a motorcycle, to bad for him, he married me! haha

5. Amy and Cole are in town!!!!! I can NOT wait to go see them. I play on going out this weekend. Caley and Melissa went last night. Caley loved seeing Cole and Amy

6. Chad and I love craigslist! I've been selling some of Caley and Caden's baby stuff. Swing, bumbo, papasan. Its great! Chad bought his current 4wheeler off of craigslist and sits on it every night looking for someone who wants to trade for his 4 wheeler or looking for something to buy once he sells his

7. I can NOT believe it 2009.. Seriously last year seemed to just fly by. Caden will be 10 months old this Saturday, which means in 2 SHORT months my baby will be 1!!! I cant believe it

8. We went to my uncle David's Saturday night to say bye to my cousin Bryan. He is going to the Army! I'm so excited for him and hope everything goes well. We havent seen David and Lisa and all the kids in a while and it was AWESOME to be with them all.

9. My cousin Scott and his daughter Kenna and my other cousins daughter Emma came over Saturday. The girls and Caley had so much fun playing together!

10. Finally, today is my Monday at work since I was home with my sick baby yesterday, and I already wish it were Friday.......

Enjoy the rest of your week!